Custom Made


Fabric: Black pattern dark green woolen; silk satin lined.
Features: Long sleeve; below knee tea length cheongsam; functional handmade fabric buttons; frame with green color trim by using traditional Chinese cheongsam adornment technic “Scrape Pulp Hemming”. Unlike the most factory made modernized qipao, it’s using the traditional hand made fabric button closure on the side instead the center back zipper closure, to remain constant of the complete graphic on the back.
Standard Size: Not Available. Processing time 3-7 days.

Bust-8286 909498-
Adjust Range-80-8484-8888-9292-9696-100
Adjust Range-60-6464-7068-7272-7676-80 -
Please double check the size before purchase. It’s always easy to downsize a cloth than make it bigger. Also, please consider the fabric shrinkage, especially the clothes made with natural material such as cotton, linen and/or silk etc.

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